Santa Fe College is an institution whose primary mission is dedicated to learning, and its resources are focused to that end. Bat Cave is one of the Natural Sciences Department's educational resources, the same as any of the college's and department's classrooms or laboratory facilities. Therefore, in keeping with our mission, the use of Bat Cave itself and the Field Laboratory facilities shall be restricted to organizations and trips that are educational in nature. 

Primary use and control of the use of the cave shall reside with the Natural Sciences Department and its chairman and/or designate(s). Permission for the use of the cave may be granted to other departments of the College; to state and federal organizations; to educational institutions such as primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, both private and public; to museums; and to city, county, state and federal agencies, with restrictions and conditions. The College will not grant permission for use of the facility to private organizations, tours, etc., other than the ones mentioned above without being provided extraordinary reasons for doing so. 

A General Introduction to Bat Cave

The Area

Note: These caves are open to individuals or groups with an educational or research purpose. They may only be accessed with explicit consent and approved supervision of the SF Natural Sciences department.