Bat Cave

These caves are open to everyone but they may only be accessed with explicit consent and approved supervision of the SF Natural Sciences department.

Rock Cycle Garden

The Jean Klein Rock Cycle Garden is a one of a kind outdoor exhibit on the Northwest Campus of Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. It features over twenty boulders, many weighing thousands of kilograms. These boulders were collected from different localities across the U.S.A.

North Woods

The area, approximately 10 acres in size, preserves the last remaining undeveloped site at Santa Fe College’s Northwest Campus. The site is maintained for conservation of native plants and wildlife and to provide a living nature laboratory for students, faculty and staff members.

Museum of Earth Science

Santa Fe College's Museum of Earth Science is home to over 1,700 mineral, fossil and rock samples around the world. The museum also has martian and lunar meteorites and other "rocks from space."


Since 2006, the Kika Silva Pla Planetarium has been dedicated to enriching the learning environment of Santa Fe College students and our community. We employ the latest educationally innovative technology in a unique immersive-learning environment for SF and UF students, public and private school children, community groups, and the public of North Central Florida.

Teaching Zoo

The Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo, a unique 10-acre zoo in Gainesville, Florida, is one of only two teaching zoos in the nation.

Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory

Located on an island in the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge off the west coast of Florida’s Big Bend region, the Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory functions as a living classroom. A collaboration between the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, the laboratory’s mission is to advance the understanding of marine and coastal science and natural resource sustainability through research support, field-based teaching, and public outreach.