Math Placement


Starting with the right mathematics course is an essential component of being successful in your college courses. If you have not previously completed a college level mathematics course, then you need to take a placement test to make sure you start with the appropriate first course. Here at SF, we use ACT or SAT scores to determine which math placement test you need to take, not initial course placement. We have found that while these tests describe current aptitude, but do not help decide where on the sequence a student should start.


If your SAT/ACT is below 24/19, then you will start with the PERT. This will let you know if you need to take a developmental math course, or if you are ready for college level classes. The highest class the PERT can place you in is MAT1033 (Intermediate Algebra, a college elective course intended to prepare you for College Algebra, a general education math course) or MGF1100 (Math Readiness, a college elective course intended to prepare you for the Mathematical Thinking in Context courses and Statistics). Some students (check with your advisor) can choose not to take the PERT and start in MAT1033, MGF1100, MGF1130, or MGF1131, but it is a wise decision to at least take the PERT to see what level is recommended.

College-Level Scores

If your SAT/ACT is at or above 24/19, or you get a PERT score of 123 or higher, then you need to take the college level placement test (AAF or ALEKS). This can place you anywhere from MAT1033 to MAC2311 (Calculus I). With the ALEKS placement test, you can work through individualized practice and then retake the placement test.

SAT Math Score: 24 or above
ACT Math Score: 19 or above
PERT Math Score: 123 or above

Additional Placement Information

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