Student Development and Leadership


Student Development and Leadership (SDL) is a student-centered, academic department that is dedicated to holistic student development. We deliver high-quality, evidence-based curriculum that is innovative, current, and evolving. Our vision is for students, faculty, and staff to be engaged, valued, and empowered to achieve academic, personal, and professional success. ‚Äč

SDL faculty provide quality instruction for Santa Fe College students. Student Life Skills (SLS) courses contribute to students' personal growth, academic accomplishment, knowledge of college systems, decision making, awareness of the world, enlightened life and career choices, the development of leadership skills, and greater self-understanding.

Student Life Skills (SLS)

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Our mission is to foster student mastery of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for academic excellence and life/career success.


We empower students to successfully design and implement their own educational and career paths in a global community.


David Tegeder

Chair, Social and Behavioral Sciences