Fielding its first Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl Team in 2016, Santa Fe College has made its mark in the IEB arena, having qualified for the National Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl three times, and currently ranks fourth among the 250+ collegiate Ethics Bowl teams at colleges and universities in the U.S.. 

Ethics Bowl is a team competition built around thoughtful analysis and respectful dialogue concerning some of the most challenging ethical problems facing individuals, communities, and our world today. Participation in Ethics Bowl helps to develop valuable skills in critical thinking, public speaking, and team building. It’s one of SF’s “Academic Teams,” and active participation qualifies students to apply for a SF Board of Trustees Academic Team Scholarship. It also affords opportunities for engaging in lively discussion with your peers, travel to other institutions outside of Florida, and it’s a lot of fun!

Get Involved!

Whether you’re a high-school student, Santa Fe College student, or SF faculty or staff, there are plenty of ways to be involved with Ethics Bowl. To learn more, email coach Ann Thebaut at ann.thebaut@sfcollege.edu.