Telework Reference Guide

The purpose of the Administrative Guideline is to provide flexibility to Administrative and Professional and Career Service supervisors and employees in performing College work at an alternate site if it is in the best interest of students and the College and its employees. The College recognizes both the need for employees to be physically present and the opportunity to leverage a tele-workforce utilizing technology to serve students in the way they want and need to be served by providing virtual services to achieve administrative efficiencies, enhance and expand offered services, support continuity of operations, and sustain the hiring and retention of highly qualified and motivated individuals. These guidelines are established to designate the terms, conditions, and process for establishing full or partial telework positions to advance the institution in the evolution of our College and its delivery of educational services. This Administrative Guideline is not applicable to faculty positions.

The purpose of this webpage is to provide general information about telework, resources and guidance to employees, and to assist supervisors in identifying positions appropriate for telework as well as managing employees who are teleworking.

Telework Policy

It is the policy of Santa Fe College that supervisors and employees (including Spherion employees who are assigned to SF) may have the option of establishing a telework arrangement at a site other than on SF campuses or centers on a regular or routine basis as long as students and their needs remain the primary consideration. Additional considerations will be given to the potential impact on other employees at the College. To be eligible for regular or routine telework, the employee generally must have been hired as a telework employee or have been an SF employee for at least six months prior to approval of telework. If a supervisor believes that special conditions warrant a teleworking arrangement prior to completion of six months of employment, approval first must be obtained from the Vice President as well as Human Resources.

Telework should not be confused with Temporary Alternative Work Assignments (TAWA), which are granted to individuals on a specific case by case basis only for an identified and temporary period as specifically approved by the supervisor and appropriate Vice President. For example, while telework may not be utilized as an accommodation for a disability, a TAWA might be appropriate. Additionally, telework should not be confused with positions that provide some work from alternative locations as part of their normal job duties. Telework positions maybe either fully remote or hybrid with work performed both remotely and on site based on an established scheduled.

Telework positions are subject to the same conditions of employment and requirements for compliance with College rules, procedures, and practices as on-site positions of the College; this includes the Salary Schedule and all applicable Administrative Guidelines.

Telework Requests

Either employees or their supervisors may suggest that a particular position become a telework position. This dialogue begins with either the employee or the supervisor and, if both are interested, must include the chain of command up to the Vice President of the division in conjunction with Human Resources. Early consideration must be given to whether such a change will best serve students. During the transition time in implementing this new administrative guideline, all proposed telework positions will also be reviewed promptly for consistency and feedback with the Executive Leadership Team and HR Director.

Telework Request Procedure

Telework Agreement

Expectations and obligations for employees who are assigned to positions that have been identified as teleworking positions will be maintained in the Telework Agreement, which must be signed by the employee and direct supervisor, approved by the Vice President, and submitted to Human Resources before teleworking may commence. Telework employees are expected to be Florida residents; any out-of-state arrangements are currently and will continue to be handled through a third party such as Spherion.

Employee Telework Agreement (PDF)

Telework Managers

Telework Employees