What is a deferment? The deferment uses a funding source (financial aid, scholarships, etc.) to hold your classes so they will not be dropped after the fees due date. A deferment is an extension of your fee payment due date and only delays payment until your financial aid is disbursed, or until the deferment expires. It does not automatically pay your fees. You are responsible for tuition and fees until a funding source (like financial aid) has applied payment to your account. 

Deferments made in anticipation of financial aid are not promises of aid. If your award amount changes (for reasons such as enrollment or program changes) or if you are found ineligible for financial aid at any time, your fee deferment may be reduced or cancelled. If the deferment is reduced or cancelled, you must pay any remaining balance for your tuition and fees or drop your class(es) before the drop with refund date.

How do I get a deferment?

You must complete the financial aid process and be awarded financial aid or be awarded your scholarship to receive a deferment. For financial aid, students who have a rejected FAFSA, or who have not completed the verification process will not receive a deferment.

If you are receiving a scholarship from another organization, the SF Cashier's Office must receive the check or an official agreement mailed from the organization to provide a deferment. They should do this as soon as possible.

Non-SF transient students must provide proof of a funding source (financial aid award, scholarship award, etc.) from their home institution to receive a deferment. The best form of proof is your award letter. This must be emailed to using your SF email address.

A deferment only delays payment using your estimated financial aid award. A deferment does not automatically pay your fees. You are responsible for tuition and fees until funds (like financial aid) have been received and applied as a payment to your account.  Even if your schedule shows a $0.00 balance due, the fee deferment provides only a temporary credit until financial aid is disbursed.  You are not relieved of the obligation to pay for your courses and fees as you agreed to in the Registration Agreement.