Salary and Benefits Committee

Committee Information

The Salary and Benefits Committee is established to allow members of the College Senate to participate in the formulation of policies relating to salaries and benefits. The President of the College Senate shall appoint College Senate members to this committee and shall designate one of these members to attend Career Service Salary and Benefits Committee meetings as a non-voting liaison with that committee. One nonvoting Career Service representative shall be included on the College Senate's Salary and Benefits Committee as a liaison with the Career Service Council.

The Salary and Benefits Committee is composed of a proportional number of representatives from the administrative and professional and faculty personnel who proportionally represent the various salary interests throughout the college. The Salary and Benefits Committee meets routinely during the calendar year in order to anticipate and to make fiscal recommendations to the president of the college when appropriate. The Salary and Benefits Committee shall keep the College Senate fully informed of budgetary matters within its province.

The college's president or designee is requested to consult with the College Senate's Salary and Benefits Committee concerning those budgetary matters of primary concern to the College Senate.

Current Members


  • Nick McMillen
  • David Price


  • Andy Anderson
  • Robert Brill 
  • Leah Carlson 
  • Jay Ebbeling
  • Patrick Freal
  • Zona Gale
  • Mike Hutley 
  • Jay Maggio
  • Jenna Miller 
  • Chris Mortimer
  • Linda Mussillo
  • Jake Searcy 
  • Dan Stepp 
  • Laura Trefrey

Committee Documents

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