Logos and Letterhead


This page will help you find and download official college logos, including co-branded logos, and to find or request department letterhead.


For information about SF logos and their appropriate uses, please see the Visual Identity page in the Guidelines section of this Brand Guide. For instructions on how to access your specific division, department, program or externally co-branded logo, please see the blue box below, Logging into PhotoShelter.

If you are an outside vendor and only need access to download the official college logo, access the public folder in PhotoShelter.

Note: Logos designed for table throws and embroidery may not be used for any other purpose. These logos may be requested from MarCom and will be sent directly to vendors.


Official college letterhead for divisions, departments and programs is available by request and will be stored in its corresponding folder in PhotoShelter. If you'd like to request letterhead for your department, submit a request. You will need to provide the following information: your division, department or program name; address (including building and room); department phone number; fax number (if needed); department website and email address (if possible). Note that department email addresses are provided by ITS. Remember that letterhead should be usable by all individuals in the department. Specific positions are noted in individual signatures.

Logging into PhotoShelter

The college stores photos, logos and other image files using a third-party service called PhotoShelter. This service uses single sign-on, which allows you to use your SFID and password, just like you would to log into eStaff, eSantaFe or Office 365.

To log into Libris:

  1. Access (and bookmark) this media library at sfcollege.edu/photo.
  2. Click "Login" in the upper right corner.
  3. Click "Internal Login" and enter your SF password.
  4. Click "Galleries" in the top navigation bar.

You will see a "Public" folder. You may also see an "Invited Gallery" folder that will lead you to the division, department or program folders that you have been given access to.

To request access to a division, department or program folder in the college media library, contact photo.video@sfcollege.edu. Access may require your supervisor's approval.