Types of Classes

Find the class style for you.

Whether you're an online learner who needs to make room around your part-time work schedule or a commuter trying to maximize your time on campus, plan for a class style that makes the most sense for you. 


If you learn best with face-to-face interaction, in-person classes may be the best fit for you. Our small class sizes, rigorous academic environment, personal attention from faculty and guidance from academic advisors.


Anyone at SF can take an online course for more flexibility in scheduling. Online courses may have no on-campus requirements at all, or may include required exams that have to be taken in a face-to-face environment (i.e., proctored). Learn More.


Also referred to as blended courses, these mixed classes combine the best of both worlds. Typically, hybrid classes meet about half the amount of required hours in a classroom, and the rest of the work is done online. You'll still get to meet regularly with classmates and your instructor while significantly cutting down class and travel time. Learn More.

What Limits?

Nothing has to hold you back from accomplishing great things! See how far you can go.


Honors courses are characterized by their small class sizes with a enrollment cap of 15 students per class. Learn More.

Study Abroad

Earn academic credit (general or degree-specific) while traveling abroad, be culturally immersed and learn about the rich histories of the world. Our study abroad courses are taught by Santa Fe College faculty members in the spring and summer semesters each academic year. Learn More.

Continuing Education

Continuing education provides educational opportunities through innovative programs that serve the continuing education and workforce needs of our community. For flexibility around your specific needs, we offer a wide variety of courses in a classroom or online format. Learn More.

Community Education

Choose from a wide variety of recreation and leisure non-credit classes to learn a new skill or advance your current knowledge level in the activities you already enjoy. Community Education is open to everyone, so you don't need to be a Santa Fe College student or staff. Learn More.

Developmental Education

Degree-seeking students whose college entry placement scores are below the state and institutional college level placement scores shall enroll in the appropriate College Preparatory courses prior to enrolling in college level courses. Learn More.

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Programs of Study

SF offers A.A., A.S., Bachelor's degrees and certificates.

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Types of Classes

Plan for a class style that makes the most sense for you.

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Before Classes Start

Complete this checklist for a strong start to your semester.

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