College Transcript Evaluation

Transcript Requirement

Students transferring to Santa Fe College must request official transcripts from every school they have attended (including foreign colleges or universities), per college rule.

How to send transcripts

Transcripts can be mailed, electronically sent or turned in at the Office of the Registrar on the Northwest Campus (Building R, room 112). The mailing address for official transcripts is:

Santa Fe College
3000 NW 83rd Street
Building R, Room 112
Gainesville, FL 32606

Electronic transcripts will be accepted by Santa Fe College if they are sent through a secure PDF Transcript Delivery Option. Florida public college transcripts are usually sent/requested automatically through the FASTER system, but private and out-of-state colleges can also send transcripts electronically if they have that capability.

If your college or university can send secure PDF transcripts, please provide this email address to your sending school when requesting official college transcripts:

If you are not sure if your college or university can send secure PDF transcripts or would like to initiate your own request to send transcripts electronically, please visit Parchment Exchange.


Coursework must come directly from the granting institution. Coursework from third parties will not be accepted.

All official transcripts must be:

  • Sealed / unopened
  • Issued within the last 6 months

Transcripts with a print date older than 6 months will not be accepted.

Transcripts with "in progress" coursework will NOT be evaluated, as they are incomplete. Make sure to request your transcripts only after final grades have been posted. Official transcripts must be received prior to the second term of registration.

What to Expect

Check on your status

Up-to date information about the status of college transcripts is available on the My Status page on the eSantaFe portal. The information on this page is updated automatically as the transcripts are checked-in and processed.

Processing Time

The average processing time for transcript evaluation is 15 business days. The process can take longer during peak registration periods.

Note: Transcripts are processed in the order that they are received. To eliminate delays to receiving your financial aid, make sure to send transcripts well ahead of time of your start term.

Register for Classes

You may register for your first term at SF while you wait for your transcript to arrive.

Questions about transfer equivalency?

Sometimes courses are transferred to the record, but do not get an exact equivalency. Contact for further assistance.

Other Considerations

Santa Fe College accepts transfer coursework from regionally accredited institutions. Santa Fe College may also accept credits from institutions that are not regionally accredited in accordance with the State of Florida K-16 Articulation Agreement, which recognizes courses approved in connection with the Florida Department of Education Statewide Course Numbering System.

You may view the status of your transcript evaluation on the My Status page, under the Advisement menu option in your eSantaFe portal. Your coursework will be posted once all your transcripts have been received and evaluated.

Processing time for transcripts is approximately up to 15 business days, but could take longer during peak times.

All final transcripts must be received and evaluated before your Financial Aid can be processed. Check with the Financial Aid Office in regard to your eligibility status.

If you previously attended a school that you think has closed, you may use the search page to verify. You will then need to contact the appropriate Closed School Contact for the state the school was located in and request that a letter be sent to Santa Fe College on your behalf. The contact person can tell you if your records are being held somewhere and how to obtain them. If not, they will need to send a letter to the Office of the Registrar in R-112 stating that the school was closed and no records are available for you. They will need to include your name and social security number. The contacts can be found here.

Active duty service members and retired military personnel may request a review of military experience for possible credit by submitting a copy of their DD-214 to the Office for Veteran and Military Success Services and Joint Services Transcript (JST) transcript to the Office of the Registrar.

Our Policy

In accordance with Florida Statute 1004.096 “College credit for military training and education courses” and 6A-14.302 (F.A.C.) Santa Fe College will grant appropriate credit(s) for military educational experiences that are evaluated by the American Council of Education (ACE) as suitable for postsecondary credit. Credit may be granted for areas appropriate for Santa Fe College degrees or certification and approved by the appropriate academic department on campus. Acceptance of military training and the awarding of college credit is based on “The Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services.” This document can be found at

  • Prospective students may request a Joint Services Transcript online at The transcripts can be sent to Santa Fe College electronically from JST. For further information, students can email For U.S. Air Force veterans, transcripts can be requested from the Community College of the Air Force.
  • All transcripts and prior training documents must be submitted during the student’s first term of enrollment.
  • If the course to which the military training or coursework is determined equivalent fulfills a general education or major course or degree program requirement, the credit will apply toward the award as such. Otherwise, credit will be granted to the extent elective credits are needed to fulfill program requirements. Credit awarded will not be removed once added to the student record.
  • The college may transfer in any military credit that was previously evaluated and awarded by a Florida public post-secondary institution, and that is appropriate to the student’s program of study. However, the college reserves the right to review all such credit.
  • Credit awarded for military training and coursework shall be noted on the student’s transcript.
  • Documents not sent electronically can be delivered to the Office of the Registrar located in R112 and can also be mailed to:

    Office of the Registrar
    Attn: Transcript Evaluation
    Santa Fe College
    Bldg. R, room 112
    3000 NW 83 Street
    Gainesville, FL 32606
  • The VMSS office will work with students to help determine what credits may be awarded to meet degree requirements.

*Santa Fe College participates in electronic transcript exchange with the military

Students with coursework from foreign colleges or universities must have their transcripts evaluated by an organization that is an endorsed member of NACES or AICE.

Students should request a course-by course evaluation. Official transcripts from the international institutional must be sent directly to the evaluating organization.

Students are responsible for the cost of the transcript evaluation.

The completed course-by-course evaluation must be mailed or electronically sent from the evaluating agency to Santa Fe College.


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