Here you will find guidelines to help you confidently share ideas on behalf of the college in a variety of mediums. These guidelines will help you understand how to use the Toolkit.

Visual Identity

What's our official logo? Can I use the mascot or the presidential seal? 

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Language and Messaging

Is it SF, SFC or SFCC? (It's SF.) 8:00am or 8 p.m.? Building S or S-Building?

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Printing and Promo Items

What comes first – the purchase order, the project request or the estimate?

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Social Media

Who can create an account? How do I boost? What is CamelCase? 

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What is Percussion? Does SEO matter? Are there alternatives to PDFs?

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Photo and Video

When do I need a photo/video release? Can I use pictures I found online? 

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Media and Advertising

Can I advertise SF on Facebook? What should I do if a reporter calls me? 

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