(V) Institutional Policies Regarding Vaccinations

Santa Fe College encourages students to use the services provided by their local county Health Department to receive health information and immunizations. Although the college does not have vaccine requirements for general education students enrolling at the college, immunizations are required for all Associate in Science (A.S.) degree and vocational certificate (VC) programs in the Health Sciences as stated in the A.S. and VC program information packets:

Immunization Advisory: Immunizations are required in order to participate in clinical education. Individuals with allergies to required immunizations should see expert advice from their health care provider so that they may receive information to make an informed decision regarding their exposure to infectious diseases in the health care field. A statement from the student's health care provider noting that the student may proceed through the program with no limitations will be required of all students declaring an immunization allergy.

Required immunizations include:

  • Flu Shot: An annual flu shot received each fall for the duration of the program
  • Measles, Mumps and Rubella: Either a year of birth prior to 1957 OR a positive rubella titer AND a positive rubeola titer OR two MMR vaccines at least 4 weeks apart
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Two (2) varicella at least four (4) weeks apart OR one (1) positive titer
  • Hepatitis B: Either a positive hepatitis B titer OR three hepatitis B vaccines with the 2nd at least four (4) weeks after the 1st and the 3rd vaccine at least four (4) months after the 1st
  • Tetanus: A Tetanus booster within the last ten years

In addition, an annual Tuberculosis (TB) test is required for all students in Health Science programs. Students have 3 options to meet requirements: a) negative PPD; b) if positive PPD, negative chest X­‐ray; c) negative interferon-gamma release assay (QFT or T-spot) blood test

For more information, consult the Information Packets for each health science program at sfcollege.edu/health/.