Transient Students

Enrolled Elsewhere

If you are enrolled at another institution but seeking to take transient courses at Santa Fe College, please visit the Office of Admissions Transient Steps to Enroll page.

Enrolled at Santa Fe College

If you are a currently enrolled SF student and wish to take a course(s) at a different institution for one semester, continue reading below for important information and eligibility requirements:

Before completing your transient application,

  • Contact the institution where you would like to take your course(s) (Host Institution) to determine if you need to submit additional materials first.
  • Verify with your intended Host Institution if the course(s) you plan to take will be offered during the term for which you are applying.
  • Confirm that you satisfy the following eligibility criteria:
    • Completed at least one semester at Santa Fe College 
    • In good academic standing (must not be on academic warning, probation, or suspension) 
    • Degree-seeking student at Santa Fe College
    • Will transfer transient courses back to Santa Fe College to be applied toward SF degree requirements (requested course must count towards your SF degree) 
    • Have satisfied (or are currently in process for) all SF pre-requisites for the intended transient course(s)
    • No active registration holds

Transient Application

SF students seeking to take a transient course at another public institution in Florida must complete a Transient Student Admission Application form online at FloridaShines. If your transient institution is not listed on FloridaShines (typically applies to out-of-state and private institutions), you will instead need to fill out a Paper Transient Application.

On your FloridaShines application, include a comment in the “Student Comments” section of the online form to explain your plans, especially if you already have an approved request and are submitting an additional request because your plans have changed.

Processing of transient requests will not occur until preferred registration opens for the term for which you are applying:

  • Preferred registration dates for each term can be found on the Registration Calendar.
  • After preferred registration opens and your transient request is received, it may take 7-10 business days for your form to be processed by SF.

If you decide not to proceed with your transient request after an advisor has approved it, you will need to notify SF of your decision and cancel your request* through FloridaShines. Failure to notify SF of your decision to cancel may result in a transcript hold being placed on your account. *The cancellation option is only available in FloridaShines up until your application has been approved by all entities.

Students receiving financial aid should review the Financial Aid for Transient and Special Programs before submitting a transient application.

Directions for Accessing FloridaShines

  1. Go to Florida Shines website for taking a course at another school.
  2. Read the provided information and select “Apply or Check Application Status Now”
  3. Select “Santa Fe College” from the drop-down menu
  4. Enter your SF Student ID and password, then ’Submit’
  5. Fill out the online form (please complete the entire form providing all of the information that is requested)
  6. Read the entire acknowledgment clause
  7. Submit electronic signature, then ‘Send’

You should receive email confirmation when your Transient Application has been processed by Santa Fe College and forwarded to your transient institution.


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