Placement Testing

Understand your Options

Before building a class schedule, you need to think about your placement in English and Math. Santa Fe College offers a wide range of classes so you can get started at a level that is right for you. Placement testing, previous test scores, or college-level coursework can help you and your advisor assure that you enroll in right the courses.

Do You Already Have College-Level Test Scores or College Credit for English or Math?

Take a Placement Test

If you do not have any of the above, Santa Fe College recommends that you take a placement test to help you and your advisor make a great first semester plan. Santa Fe College offers the PERT exam for free. The PERT assesses reading, writing and math for college readiness - you can take one or all sections. Testing lets you and an advisor know your current skill level in these areas, and after you test you may consider which courses are the best fit for your needs. A study guide can help you prepare before you go test.  

Opt into Testing

Go to the Assessment Center in K-05 on the Northwest Campus, or the SF educational center nearest you, to complete placement testing. If you need to take the placement test at another location, contact our Assessment Center to request permission to take the placement test off campus. The Assessment Center will provide you with a report of your scores to share with an advisor. If you plan to come in on a certain day for both testing and advisement, we recommend you schedule an appointment with your advisor for later the same day.

Opt out of Testing

If you choose not to test, you must confirm your decision in eSantaFe. In eSantaFe, select the Advisement tab and click on "Dev Ed Options" to make your choice. After you do this and complete all the other steps listed in My Status, you will be able to register, but you should still plan to see your advisor to discuss your course selections and academic plans.

Opting out of testing automatically places you in the first college-level English course and a college-level elective math course. If you think you should be in a higher-level math class, you must take the ALEKS, to see if you qualify for higher placement.

Discuss your Options

If you want to discuss your placement testing options, please meet with an advisor.

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