National Achievers Society


A Program Promoting Academic Excellence and Cultural Awareness

The Santa Fe College Chapter of the National Achiever Society [NAS] is under the auspices of the Florida Education Fund and has established itself as one of the Centers of Excellence’s premier programs. Formerly known as the McKnight Achievers, this college track program was established with the purpose of encouraging students in kindergarten through 12th grade[K-12] to excel both academically and culturally. The Society’s goal is to increase the pool of under-represented and historically disadvantaged students who are prepared, motivated and qualified to enter higher education. The chief intent is to develop a group achievement model for its members. By continually focusing on the importance of higher education and group accomplishments, NAS has enjoyed success in helping students develop a sense of achievement and pride that turns learners into leaders.

NAS members are "A-B" Honor Roll students who demonstrate outstanding character and commitment to transformative community service. Monthly meetings sustain academic excellence, promote service based leadership and further cultural awareness/global citizenship. The program offers leadership activities, peer tutoring and counseling, educational trips and conferences, test preparation, pre-college prep workshops and college tours. Homework help for middle school students and SAT preparation for high school students is available through the NAS Online web portal. Partnership with churches and religious centers is an essential component of NAS and is an integral resource for Center activities.

A statewide Annual Brain Bowl competition motivates students to improve academic skills outside the traditional classrooms in math, writing and reading based on FCAT and SAT questions. Math and History & Culture Brain Bowl Teams compete for scholarships at Florida universities and colleges. A three week Summer Enrichment Program is held at the SF Northwest campus that includes exposure to the SF Kika Silva Pla Planetarium, SF Teaching Zoo and SF Health Sciences Department. Students acquire skills in core academic courses for the upcoming school year and experience interactive approaches to STEM and SAT preparation.

Inductees are students who demonstrate achievement academically and socially by maintaining "A" and "B" grades and by adhering to excellence in behavior so they are role models for others. Statewide approximately 300 new students are inducted into NAS annually at the ten Centers of Excellence that operate in the state of Florida. Since 1986 over 19,000 students have been inducted.

Eligibility for membership in the NAS includes:

  • Enrollment in K-12 grade
  • A-B Honor Roll
  • Being sponsored by an adult who serves as a mentor in the Achiever's Life
  • Involvement in community service projects
  • Recognition for artistic and cultural talents
  • Competing in and winning regional and state competitions that offer scholarships

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Achievers, parents and sponsors are expected to participate in local, state and national conferences. Monthly meetings are held on the second and third Saturday of each month (except July and August) at SF Northwest Campus to facilitate the attendance of all Achievers and their parents. Active participation is encouraged because "it takes a village to raise a child". Come join us in this rich academic and cultural pursuit for excellence!

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